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Own R&D Six Phase Relay Tester

     Hi,Glad to show you our Own R & D Six Phase Relay Tester 

Kvtester-Protective Relay Tester
     Brief introduction:

      Zcar-1600  microcomputer relay protection tester adopts high performance industrial PC as the control microcomputer and Windows operating system can be run on it directly.The whole process of the test and the test results are displayed on the liquid crystal display screen. English interface, Clear, intuitive and convenient.

      Zcar-1600 microcomputer relay protection tester is an important test tool to ensure the safety and reliability of power system operation.With the rapid development of computer technology, microelectronics technology and power electronics technology, it is an inevitable trend to launch new high performance relay protection test equipment by applying the latest technical achievements. Zcar-1600 microcomputer relay protection tester is developed based on the standards of Technical conditions of microcomputer relay protection test device which was published by electric power department originally, referenced and summarized development and production experience, adopted modern latest new digital technology, high precision electronic parts, micro system with new circuits and new structure.It Can independently complete test of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation, measurement, fault recording and other professional fields tests, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, aviation, military and other industries of scientific research, production and electrical test site.

     1.The output up to 6 phase voltage 6 phase current, can be arbitrary combination of conventional 4 phase voltage 3 phase current type, 6 phase voltage type, 6 phase current type, and 12 phase output mode;

     2.High performance embedded industrial control computer and 8.4 "large screen high resolution color TFT LCD screen can provide rich and intuitive information, including the current working status of the equipment, the next work tips and various help information.

     3. The output terminal adopts high fidelity and high reliability modular linear power amplifier with excellentperformance instead of switching power amplifier.High and medium frequency interference will not beproduced on the test site, and the waveform smoothing precision from large current to small current is guaranteed.

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