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State Grid: fully promote the high-quality development of ub

The construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things is the core task of the implementation of the strategy of "three types, two networks, and international first-class". The company has made joint efforts and steady progress, and various works have been actively carried out. The fifth meeting of the third staff congress and the 2020 working conference of the company pointed out that we should continue to deepen the implementation of the new strategy, take the ubiquitous power Internet of things as the "bull nose" of the company's strategic transformation, improve the power system and reduce the energy cost of the whole society.
At present, digital technology represented by big data, cloud accounting, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain has accelerated the integration with power grid technology, providing a strong driving force for the leapfrog and upgrading of power grid technology. The construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things is an important choice for the company to actively follow the trend of power innovation and digital innovation integration, promote the function of power grid, comprehensively upgrade the company's affairs and management, promote the modernization of power power industry chain, exert influence and drive the company, promote the upstream and downstream enterprises and stakeholders to carry out together, demonstrate the "six strengths" of state-owned enterprises It's important.
The top-level planning should be improved iteratively. The top-level planning is the overall planning and overall planning for the construction of the power Internet of things, including work policy, overall structure, construction ideas, development path and evolution strategy. We should always start from the actual needs, run the demand orientation and application driving throughout the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of things, and take the ability to solve problems and the value of invention as the policy to ensure effective results. We should also realize that the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things is a new practice that breaks through the current situation. There are not many experiences that can be used for reference. We should take the initiative to change, dare to test mistakes, take small steps and run fast, gather value inventions, find truth in practice, find direction in exploration, and constantly improve the policy through rapid iteration.
We should continue to consolidate the foundation support. The company now has the first-class information network infrastructure in China, which is an important material foundation for building the ubiquitous power Internet of things. It is necessary to tap the potential of existing resources, promote the integration of mobile applications, improve the useful level, and prevent the adverse tendency of emphasizing construction and neglecting application. We should speed up the development of the company's data development strategy, establish data management standards and standards, normalize data governance and value mining, and adhere to the use of data to speak, use data management, use data to make decisions, and use data to innovate.
Power grid operation and construction shall be enabled. The ubiquitous power Internet of things and the strong smart grid integrate and promote each other. They complement each other and carry out integration. Together, they carry power flow, transaction flow and data flow, forming a "multi flow in one" power Internet. We should empower the power grid with digital technology, expand optimization and management modernization around boosting the company's business layout, rely on the ubiquitous power Internet of things construction, accelerate the pace of digital transformation, improve the system operation power and management level, and comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional business and the cultivation of new business formats and new models.
We should promote the construction of "channels + ecology". The construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things will eventually form a power Internet Ecosystem of CO governance and sharing, aggregating the advantages of all parties and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. We should promote the connection of power production, transmission, consumption, supply and demand of all factors, and optimize the allocation of resources. We should widely attract all kinds of market entities and social capital to participate in the construction and value mining of ubiquitous power Internet of things, so that ubiquitous power Internet of things can become the "aggregator" of the upstream and downstream and the whole industrial chain.
Strive to invent the history and work hard for the future. In the new year, the company will make every effort to promote the high-quality development of ubiquitous power Internet of things, build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient power system around support, increase the ability to power grid, improve the power system perception, control and interaction ability, promote the collaborative interaction of source network, load storage, build a power Internet Ecosystem with shared governance, and promote the upstream and downstream collaboration of the industrial chain Carry out cross-border integration, promote the company to continue to be stronger, better and bigger, and seize the commanding heights of global dynamic change and dynamic Internet industry.