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First time in China! In North China, V2G charging pile resou

On April 15, the North China branch of State Grid Corporation of China formally incorporated the vehicle network interaction (V2G) charging pile resources into the auxiliary service market for peak load regulation of North China power and officially settled the accounts. Through the V2G charging pile, electric vehicles expand from single charging to two forms of charging and discharging to participate in the real-time regulation of power grid and peak load regulation auxiliary services.
According to statistics and calculation, there are about 400000 electric vehicles in the supply area of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan power grid. If orderly vehicle network interaction is realized through V2G, 1.8 million kilowatts of movable high-quality regulation resources can be provided. After participating in the real-time regulation and peak load regulation auxiliary services of the power grid, the average daily peak load regulation revenue of electric vehicles accounts for about 60% of its charging cost, which can greatly reduce the charging cost and effectively improve the enthusiasm of electric vehicle users to participate.
In order to promote the smooth development of this work, the North China branch of State Grid, State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. and NARI Group Co., Ltd. carried out multi-step technological innovation and breakthrough, implemented information modeling, data acquisition and control commissioning, and completed 72 hour automatic generation control (AGC) closed-loop test. The real-time clearing results are sent to the V2G charging post in real time through the intelligent vehicle networking platform, which realizes the two-way continuous power regulation of the new energy electric vehicle, i.e. two charges a day (at night, at noon load trough) and two discharges (at morning and evening load peak).