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The estimation method of the capacity of the steam turbine i

The daily treatment amount of domestic waste is 400t, which usually refers to the amount of domestic waste entering the plant is 400t / d. The original waste entering the plant is transported by a closed waste transport vehicle. After entering the plant and weighing by weighbridge, it enters the waste unloading hall to discharge the original waste into the waste pool. Generally, the garbage pool can store the garbage with the rated treatment capacity of incinerator for 7 days.
Most of the water can be filtered out during the storage of the original garbage in the garbage pool, and the water is recycled and treated by the leachate collection system. The calorific value of the filtered waste increases, and the calorific value of the waste entering the furnace can reach about 6000 kJ / kg.
Waste incinerator and waste heat boiler generally produce steam with the steam parameter of 4.0Mpa and 400 ℃, and the heat consumption rate of the steam turbine is about 12500kj / kWh.
If the overall thermal efficiency of waste incinerator and waste heat boiler is calculated as 75%, and the pipeline efficiency is calculated as 99%, the capacity of steam turbine of the incineration power plant with daily waste treatment capacity of 400t can be estimated as follows: