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CT analyzer is comprehensive in function and high in value

        The ct analyzer is the main product of our company. Through the research and precision measurement of our technicians for 10 years, the device adopts high-performance DSP and FPGA, advanced manufacturing technology to ensure stable and reliable product performance, complete functions and high automation. The test efficiency is high and it is in the leading position in this industry.

Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer
       Our company's ct analyzer is still very different from the traditional volt-ampere characteristic tester. For example, its operability, its accuracy and anti-interference will be greatly improved, and it can improve the detection data. Accuracy, which is a very good thing for any factory that wants to test equipment with a ct volt-ampere characteristic tester. After all, I chose a detection device in order to find my own equipment in a short period of time. I can find a good way to solve all the problems and not affect the normal production of my factory.

       The entire operation of the ct analyzer  is very simple, it can detect all the problems within a few minutes, and you can also know what the specific test data is from the LCD. It won't let the customer waste any minute, and naturally it can be said that it has very simple operation and very stable performance.