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What is the key point of the relay tester?

        The relay tester is one of the main products of our company.What are its characteristics and performance?

Kvtester-Microcomputer Protective Relay Tester
         1. The  relay tester can test various AC/DC, current, voltage, intermediate, self-holding, signal and other single relays and a whole set of relay protection screens, which can test the pull-in voltage (current) value of various relays. The voltage (current) value is released, and the pull-in time and the off-time of various contacts (normally open, normally closed, converted, and delayed) are automatically tested three times and stored, and the return coefficient of the three-average is automatically calculated and printed. , the test results can be displayed and printed repeatedly.

         2. The relay tester can easily test the parameters of the reclosing relay.

         3. The relay tester is equipped with a frequency measurement and phase measurement function to measure the current, the frequency of the voltage (showing the time of one cycle, ie the period) and the phase difference (time) between the two signals.