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Brief introduction and product configuration of secondary pr

At present, most of the secondary load test methods in the market use the volt ampere phase method to test. This method has some disadvantages, such as wiring trouble, need to disconnect the current circuit to access the measurement, and the reading is not direct.
The zc-106c wireless secondary voltage tester is developed by Wuhan Zhizhuo measurement and control company with the latest technology. It is a distributed wireless synchronous instrument for measuring the secondary voltage drop load and volt ampere phase and other electrical parameters of voltage transformer. It is composed of two hand-held measuring terminals. When each hand-held terminal is used separately, it can be used as a secondary load online tester and a three-phase phase volt ampere meter.
Secondary pressure drop and load tester
When two zc-106c wireless secondary voltage drop testers are used at the same time, they can measure six circuit voltage amplitude, phase and other parameters wirelessly and synchronously. They can measure the secondary voltage drop and secondary load of single-phase or three-phase voltage transformer. There is no need to set temporary cable between the side of electric energy meter and the PT end at the test site. From the test principle, the potential grid accident caused by cable pulling is eliminated, which not only ensures that The accuracy of electric energy measurement does not affect the safe and stable operation of the power grid, which solves the problem of heavy workload and accident prone in the test of traditional PT secondary circuit voltage drop tester.
Secondary pressure drop and load tester
In addition, zc-106c wireless secondary voltage drop tester completely solves the problem of distributed synchronous measurement in the substation. It does not need GPS and cable to introduce reference voltage, so as to avoid PT secondary short circuit caused by cable insulation or operation problems. It is simple and practical.
The following is the product configuration of zc-106c wireless secondary voltage drop tester:
No. Name quantity unit
1 measuring terminal 2 sets
2 current clamps 6
8 voltage test lines
4 alligator clips for voltage test 8
5 5V / 3A power adapter 2
6 SD cards (8G) 2
7.3.7v, 6000mAh lithium battery, 2 pieces
8. Operation manual 1 copy
9 rubber rod antenna 2
10. Special custom antenna 2
11. Operation manual 1 copy
12. Wireless repeater (optional): 1 set
Secondary pressure drop and load tester
As a new generation of innovative instruments at the leading level in China, zc-106c wireless secondary voltage drop tester has powerful functions, small size, light weight, easy to carry, accurate test and other advantages, which is very worth purchasing~