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Test results of capacitive Pt field calibrator

Pta-2000c capacitive Pt field calibrator, also known as capacitive voltage transformer tester and capacitive voltage transformer field tester, is a new generation of innovative Pt testing instrument developed by Zhizhuo measurement and control based on the transformer calibration device of voltage regulator, booster and series resonance, which widely listens to the user's opinions, after a large amount of Market Research and in-depth theoretical research, It is mainly used to test the characteristics and error of capacitor voltage transformer Pt (CVT) and electromagnetic voltage transformer Pt.       

     Pta-2000c capacitive Pt field calibrator adopts high-performance DSP + FPGA, advanced arm industrial computer and advanced manufacturing process, which ensures stable and reliable product performance, complete function, high automation level and high test efficiency. It is a professional instrument for transformer test in the power industry.      
      When the user uses pta-2000c capacitive Pt field calibrator, the equipment will automatically enter the result display interface as shown in the figure below after the completion of the currently selected experimental project: 


   Excitation curve result interface       
Secondary resistance: the secondary DC resistance value of the current set temperature test;        
Correction resistance: the resistance value corrected to the target temperature;          
Transformation ratio: measured transformation ratio of current winding            Polarity: OK / - (homopolarity) or NOK / + (reverse polarity).           
Excitation data result interface           

Excitation data result interface     


Error result interface           

Pta-2000c capacitive Pt field calibrator will automatically complete the test data and judge whether it is out of tolerance. The out of tolerance data is displayed in reverse color, which is intuitive and clear to the data characteristics of the transformer. It can be seen that it is powerful and intelligent, cost-effective, and worth purchasing.