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What is the field calibrator of variable frequency transform

At present, most of the traditional methods of instrument transformer verification in China adopt the comparison method, that is, when the instrument transformer is verified, the secondary connected load of the tested instrument transformer (usually replaced by the load box) is compared with the standard instrument transformer with the same transformation ratio, and the primary current (voltage) is provided by the current booster, while the secondary differential current (differential pressure) signal of the two is input into the calibrator, which is verified by the calibrator The instrument measures the error between the tested transformer and the standard transformer.

This verification method requires high current (voltage) power supply equipment, standard transformer with the same transformation ratio and load box. When the primary current is more than 1000A and the primary voltage is more than 110KV, the capacity of the power supply equipment is as high as tens of KVA, the volume is huge, and the wiring is difficult, so it is not convenient to verify the transformer on site.
In view of this, Wuhan Zhizhuo measurement and control has developed a new generation of innovative CT and Pt testing instrument, ctp-1000c variable-frequency transformer field calibrator, based on the traditional transformer volt ampere characteristic ratio polarity comprehensive tester based on voltage regulator, booster and current riser, widely listening to the user's opinions, after a lot of market research and in-depth theoretical research.
Ctp-1000c frequency conversion transformer field calibrator adopts high-performance DSP and FPGA, advanced manufacturing process, which ensures the product performance is stable and reliable, complete function, high automation level, high test efficiency, and it is a professional test instrument used for transformer in the power industry.
Ctp-1000c variable frequency transformer field calibrator can be used in the following situations: 1. It is suitable for transformer calibration of Electric Power Research Institute; 2. It is suitable for transformer manufacturer to carry out factory calibration; 3. It can meet the preventive test of electric power department; 4. It can meet the handover test of engineering unit and panel and cabinet enterprise.
Ctp-1000c variable frequency transformer field calibrator does not need standard current transformer, current lifter, load box, voltage regulating control box and large current conductor for field verification of current transformer. It uses extremely simple test wiring and operation to realize the verification of current transformer, greatly reducing the working intensity and improving the working efficiency, which is convenient for field verification of current transformer.
In addition, it is equipped with a full Chinese dynamic graphic interface, which can complete the wiring and setting parameters without reference to the manual, and is equipped with background analysis software, which is convenient for the storage, conversion and analysis of test reports, and can be used for the comparison, judgment and evaluation of test data, with very advanced and powerful functions.
In general, ctp-1000c variable frequency transformer field calibrator is at the leading level in China in all aspects. It is an advanced instrument with very high comprehensive cost performance. You can choose according to your needs, or you can consult our online customer service for more details.