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CT Analyzer
CT Analyzer

CT Analyzer

Type: ZC-102F
    ZC-102F CT Analyzer is a fully automated CT/PT characteristic test instrument. The tests the device can perform: CT volt ampere characteristic test and CT ratio and polarity test, CT polarity test, CT primary flow-through test, PT test, PT volt ampere characteristic test, PT ratio and polarity test, PT polarity test, automatic calculation of inflection point of voltage and current value, ratio difference and 5% or 10% error curve value.
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Product Features
    1. Support for the detection of CT and PT;
    2. Meet the requirements of GB1207, GB1208 and other procedures;
    3. Without external auxiliary equipment, can complete all testing items;
    4. Comes with a miniature quick printer that can print results directly on-site;
    5. Easy to operate, with smart tips, allowing users to operate more easily;
    6. Large screen LCD, graphical display interface;
    7. According to the rules automatically give CT/PT(excitation)inflection point value;
    8. Automatically display 5% and 10% error curves;
    9. 3000 groups of test data can be saved, not lost after power off;
    10. support U disk to the transfer data, and information can be read through the standard PC, and generate WORD Report;
    11. Small and light less than 22Kg, is very conducive to the on-site test.
Technical Parameter
Type ZC-102F
Function CT:test the excitation characteristics, ratio, polarity, ratio difference and angle difference etc.
PT:test the excitation characteristics, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio difference etc.
Working power supply Input voltage 185Vac~250Vac
Allowable input voltage 85Vac~264Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Input power 5000VA
Connect Standard AC socket 60320
Device output range Voltage output 0~2500Vrms;5Arms(20A Peak value)
Note:0~5A for real value,more than 5A~20A for calculated value
High current output 0~600A
Secondary winding resistance measurement Measuring range 0.1~300Ω
Measurement accuracy ≤0.5%(0.2%×reading+0.3%×range)
Secondary actual burden measurement Measuring range 5~500VA
Measurement accuracy ≤0.5%(0.2%×reading+0.3%×range)±0.1VA
Phase measurement
(angle difference)
Resolution ratio 0.1min
Measurement accuracy 4min
Ratio measurement
Measuring range ≤25000A/5A(5000A/1A)
Measurement accuracy ≤0.5%
Ratio measurement
Measuring range ≤500kV
Measurement accuracy ≤0.5%
Ratio difference measurement Measurement accuracy 0.05%
Excitation measurement Measurement accuracy ≤0.5%(0.2%×reading+0.3%×range)
Environment condition Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+70℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%,No dewing
Physical characteristics Size 410mm×260mm×340mm
Weight ≤22kg
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