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Transformer Ratio Tester
Transformer Ratio Tester

Transformer Ratio Tester

Type: ZC-203B

      During the production process of semi-finished products and finished products of power Transformer tester, before the newly installed transformers are put into operation and in accordance with the preventive test procedures of the National Electric Power Ministry, it is required that the transformers in operation be regularly tested for the turns ratio or voltage ratio. The traditional variable bridge operation is cumbersome, the reading is not intuitive, and the necessary conversion is performed. The test result is only a phase change ratio. The automatic ratio change tester overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional turn ratio test. The instrument completes the three-phase ratio test at a time, and the test speed is fast and the accuracy is high.

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Product Parameters
Range  0.9 ~ 5000 
Accuracy 0.1% (<500)
0.2% 2 words (500~2000) 
0.5% word (2000 or more)
Resolution minimum 0.0001
Output voltage 160V, 10V automatic shift 
Working power  AC220V±10%  50HZ 
Working temperature -20 °C ~ 40 °C 
Relative humidity  ≤ 85%, no condensation 

Product Features
1. This transformer tester has a wide range of tests up to 5,000.
2.This transformer tester has a fast test speed and completes three-phase test in 7 seconds.
3 .Z-connected transformer test.
4. The clock and date display even power is off, data storage.
5. High and low voltage reverse connection protection function.
6. Transformer short circuit, inter-turn short circuit protection.
7. Thermal printer output function, fast, silent.
8. Equipped with RS232, USB interface, easy to connect to the computer to export data.
9. Small size and light weight.

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