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Transformer short-circuit impedance tester
Transformer short-circuit impedance tester

Transformer short-circuit impedance tester

Type: ZC-204B
    Low voltage short circuit impedance test is the identification of operation in the transformer under the impact of short-circuit current, which is the most direct method to check the winding deformation of the transformer affected by mechanical impact in the transportation and installation; it for the judgment of transformer can put into operation has important significance, is one of the examination to determine whether the transformer requirements disintegration
    ZC-204B Transformer short-circuit impedance tester has the internal adjustable power output and do not need the outside pressure regulator, only need to provide 220V power supply can be tested, especially suitable for the field of 110kV level and above the main transformer for low voltage short circuit impedance measurement.
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Product Features
    1. The tester with adjustable power output, both single-phase and three-phase transformer, can be used to complete all windings of the measurement only need connect the wire once time, testing and wiring simply; inside of the instrument uses a phase-locked loop technology, synchronous sampling AC signal, measurement data is accurate.
    2. Test and algorithm is to meet the<< DL/T1093-2008 power transformer winding deformation detection and judgment >>, and automatically calculate the short-circuit impedance, reactance and inductance value of each phase.
    3. Test data can be imported into the computer to facilitate further analysis or storage; support external power supply, expand the test power.
    4. Through the anti large screen liquid crystal, in the sun can be clearly displayed; all Chinese menu and operation tips, simple and intuitive operation.
Technical Parameter
easurement accuracy: Voltage, Current :0.2class Power:Cosϕ>0.1:0.5 class; Cosϕ≤0.1:1.0class
Impedance:Cosϕ>0.1:0.5 class; Cosϕ≤0.1:1.0class
Voltage measurement range AC 3V~300V
Internal power output range Voltage:0~250V; Current:0~10A
Current measurement range AC 0.2A~20A
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
Working humidity 0~80%
Working power supply AC 220V±10%;50Hz±1Hz
Outline dimension 360mm×220mm×150mm
Weight 5Kg
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