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DC Resistance Tester
DC Resistance Tester

DC Resistance Tester

Type: ZC-205B

The DC resistance of transformer is the transformer’s semi-finished product, finished product test, installation, commissioning test, and electric part prevention test necessary test project,the transformer coil can effectively find the device welding, connecting parts loose, missing unit, disconnection, and other manufacturing default and other hidden danger occurred after operation . In order to meet the needs of rapid measurement of transformer DC resistance, our company developed ZC-205B DC resistance tester by using our own technical advantages .
ZC-205B DC Resistance Tester adopting new power technology, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large output current, etc. The device is controlled by single chip microcontroller, which can automatically complete the functions of self-check, data processing, display and so on. It has the function of automatic discharge and discharge indication.The instrument has the advantages of high precision and easy operation, which can realize the rapid measurement of transformer direct resistance .

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Product Parameters
Output current        10A.1A.300mA.100mA.5mA
Measuring range        10A:0~0.1Ω
Accuracy        0.2%±2μΩ
Resolution        0.1μΩ
Output voltage        10A(DC 3V) , rest of the file(DC 12V)
Working temperature        -20~40℃
Ambient humidity        ≤90%RH,non condensed
Working power        AC 220V±10%,50Hz±5Hz
AC and DC dual use, built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Size        315×230×140mm3
Weight        ≈4kg


Product Features
1.The instrument has high output current and light weight ;
2.The instrument provides 5 output current options, up to 10A output current ;
3.The instrument has wide measuring range, 0 ~ 20 k Ω ;
4.With perfect protection circuit, more reliable performance ;
5.Powered by lithium ion battery, it is convenient for field operation ;
6.LCD prompt menu operation, convenient for use ;
7.Equipped with sound and liquid crystal indicator discharge alarm, discharge 
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