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Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester
Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester

Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester

Type: ZC-211
    ZC-211 Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester is high accuracy equipment applies to test the loss and volume resistance ratio of insulating oil and others insulating liquid. It is composed by insulating loss oil cup, temperature controller, temperature sensor, insulating loss testing bridge, AC testing power source, standard capacitor, high-resistance recording, DC HV power, etc. It uses the best advanced high frequency inductance heating method which with the features: oil cup non-contact with heating member, homogeneous heating, fast speed, easy to control. The AV experimental power uses AC-DC-AC conversion mode. The internal standard capacitor is SF6 gas filled three pole capacitors; it is difficult effected by temperature, humidity, to ensure the device in accuracy after used for long time
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Product Features
    1. Oil cup uses three electrode type structures which consistent with the GB GB/T5654-2007 standard, pole spacing 2mm can eliminate stray capacitance and leaking of the influence on the dielectric loss to test results.
    2. The instrument adopts intermediate frequency induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. This heating mode with heating oil cup and the body non contact, even heating, fast speed, convenient control advantages, so that the temperature in the preset temperature error range within the strict control.
    3. The internal standard capacitor is SF6 inflatable three electrode capacitor, the capacitance of the dielectric loss and capacitance is not affected by the environment temperature, humidity and so on, so that the precision of the instrument can still be guaranteed after long time use.
    4. AC test power supply using AC-DC-AC conversion, and effectively avoid the city electric voltage and frequency fluctuations affect the accuracy of dielectric loss test, even if the generator to produce electricity, the instrument is also able to run correctly.
Technical Parameter
Supply voltage AC 220V±10%
Power frequency 50Hz/60Hz±1%
 Measuring range Capacitance 5pF - 200pF
Relative capacitance  1.000~30.000
Dielectric dissipation factor  0.00001~100
DC Resistivity 2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm
Measurement accuracy Capacitance ± (1% reading+ 0.5pF)
Relative capacitance ± 1% reading
Dielectric dissipation factor ± (1% reading + 0.0001)
DC Resistivity ±10% reading
Resolving power Capacitance 0.01pF
Relative capacitance 0.001
Dielectric dissipation factor 0.0001
Temperature range 0~125℃
Temperature measuring error ±0.5℃
AC test voltage 500~2200V continuously adjustable Frequency 50Hz
DC test voltage 0~500V continuously adjustable
Consumption 100W
Outline dimension 500mm×360mm×420mm
Total weight 22kg
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