Insulating oil filter device

Insulating oil filter device

Type: ZC-218
ZC-218 series insulating oil filtering device adopts a combination of coalescing and vacuum separation capacity. When serious emulsified oil passes through the pre iron suction filter, the arrangement structure of oil molecules and water molecules changes, and then enters into the primary filter, the secondary filter through the oil pump, and then the oil enters into the coalescing circulating separator. In coalescing separator, the oil can remove water through four processes: filtration, coalescence, sedimentation and separation. Then output the purified oil. The water settled in the collector is discharged by the drain valve.
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Product Features
1. The oil circuit is controlled by automatic level valve;
2. The vacuum system is equipped with vacuum equipment, and the maximum limit can reach 5pa (wheat vacuum gauge);
3. Roots pump of vacuum system adopts automatic control, which will be put into operation automatically through vacuum relay in vacuum state;
4. It is equipped with over-voltage alarm system, which will automatically shut down the machine in case of over-pressure;
5. It has oil shortage protection device, which can't be heated without oil, avoiding the hidden danger of heater burning without oil;
6. The infrared automatic deforming function can prevent the oil from entering the vacuum pump, resulting in the phenomenon of oil injection of the vacuum pump;
7. It has the function of multiple reciprocating filtrations, with coarse filtration and two fine filtration. After two times of vacuum degassing, dehydration and decolonization, it can double improve the filtration effect, so as to reach the national quality standard of transformer oil in operation;
8. According to the user's requirements, the imported real pump, booster pump, electrical control of oil drain pump and various filter elements can be selected to meet the standard of imported oil filter;
9. Effectively remove the moisture, gas and impurities in the insulating oil, improve the pressure resistance strength and oil quality of the oil, operate with electricity and evacuate the equipment separately.

Main technical indicators


Operation display

192x64 dot matrix English LCD

Temperature control area

6 ways

Temperature control range

room temperature + 5 ° C ~ 400 ° C, increment: 1 ° C, accuracy: + 0.1 ° C

Order of programmed temperature rise


Program rate

0.1 ~ 40 ° C / min

Air control

mechanical valve control mode, electronic pressure flow control mode optional

External event


Type of injector

filling column, capillary, six way valve gas injection, automatic headspace injection, etc

Number of detectors

5, FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD (optional)

Start injection

manually and automatically

Communication interface

Ethernet: IEEE802.3


Technical indicators of detector


Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)

Detection limit

≤3x10-12g/s (n-hexadecane / isooctane)

Baseline noise

≤ 5x10-14A

Baseline drift

≤ 1x10-13A / 30min

Linear range

≥ 107


Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)


S≥ 10000 (benzene / toluene) (magnification 1, 2, 4, 8 times optional)

Number of detectors 

5, FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD (optional)

Baseline noise

≤ 20 μ V

Baseline drift

≤ 30 μ V / 30min

Linear range

≥ 105


Electronic capture detector (ECD)

Detection limit

≤ 1x10-14g / ml (γ-BHC / isooctane)

Baseline noise

≤ 0.03mV

Baseline drift

≤ 0.2mV/30min

Linear range

≥ 104

Radioactive source


Detection limit

(S)≤2x10-11g/s, (P)≤1x10-12g/s(methyl parathion / anhydrous ethanol)

Baseline noise


Baseline drift

≤2x10-12A / 30min

Linear range for sulfur

For sulfur ≥103  for phosphorus≥104

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