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Transformer On-load tap-changer tester
Transformer On-load tap-changer tester

Transformer On-load tap-changer tester

Type: ZC-220
    ZC-220 Transformer On-load tap-changer tester applies to measure and analyze loading tap switch property index of power transformer and special transformer. It is controlled by computer; using special loops to test the transition time, transiting wave, transition resistance, and three-phase synchronism of tap switch, etc.
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Product Features
    1. Test Y0 Y △type transformer, display the resistance without conversion;
    2. Data analysis of human nature, you can automatically identify the fault in the middle of the waveform, and make a mark;
    3. Waveform display is automatically adjusted according to the sampling data and the resistance to the magnitude of the time;
    4. The △ type transformer can display the three-phase synchronization;
    5. The test can be carried out with or without winding;;
    6. There are four terminal connection modes, to provide high precision resistance measurement, and no need to wire compensation.
Technical Parameter
Three phase constant current source charging, charging current 3A/1A;0.6A/0.2A
Port maximum voltage 24V
Maximum range of resistance 100 Ω
Measurement range of excessive resistance 1A:0.4Ω~20Ω
Waveform record time length 300ms
Sampling rate 30k
Time resolution 0.1ms
Resistance resolution 0.1Ω
Accuracy Excessive resistance:0.5% reading±0.1Ω
Excessive time:0.5% reading±0.2ms
Temperature -10℃~40℃
Using relative humidity <85%RH
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