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ultrasonic bottle glass washing machine
ultrasonic bottle glass washing machine

ultrasonic bottle glass washing machine

Type: ZC-224

       Laboratory use glass jar drying and cleaning unit is designed for laboratory design for cleaning glass syringes and glass jars of special equipment. The main use of ultrasonic cleaning , high degree of automation, good cleaning quality. After the operator only needs to be washed in accordance with manual work piece into the device and enter the washing parameters, equipment standards will be strictly enforced in accordance with the order prescribed heating , tap water , ultrasonic cleaning , water washing, hot air drying , the whole process automatically .

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Product Parameters
power supply voltage AC100V~240V
Power frequency Power frequency
Ultrasonic Power 500W
heating system Power 3000W
drying system Power 2000W
maximum operating power 8000W
CT RatioRange of temperature control purge tank temperature : room temperature:65 ℃
Dried set temperature: room temperature:80 ℃
dimensions 1100*790*1880mm

Product Features
      1. The ultrasonic cleaning machine provides for various of laboratory utensils to complete cleaning and drying.
      2. Fully automated: Water washing, high temperature ultrasonic washing liquid washing, water washing, high temperature drying fully automated , the user simply wash the containers to be placed in the appropriate cup position , after cleaning the utensils inside and outside wall without drops , water film evenly distributed . After drying, the surface of the vessel up to the "three no " standard, that no scale , no washing liquid residues, sterile .
      3. double-wall structure helps to reduce noise, the greatest degree of reduced heat loss and reduce energy costs.
      4. The transformer tester has a 5.7-inch LCD touch screen operation. According to the object needs to be cleaned, the working process parameters can be customized.
      5. the apparatus includes a heating system, the function module , the ultrasound system , the valve pump systems , filtration systems , drying system, display control system .
      6. using the washing liquid washing liquid used in daily life , without any harm to the operator , washing sewage drainage meets emissions standards .
      7. Automatic prompt alarm when there is no washing liquid and distilled water.  Washing liquid temperature , drying air temperature real-time display , with temperature control relay automatic cut-off function .
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