Digital grounding resistance tester

Digital grounding resistance tester

Type: ZC-2571
The ZC-2571 digital grounding resistance tester produced by our company abandons the traditional manual power generation mode, adopts advanced medium and large-scale integrated circuit, and applies DC / AC transformation technology to combine the three terminal button and four terminal button measurement mode into a new type of grounding resistance tester.
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Product Features
1. The structure of the instrument is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. In order to prevent the interference of power frequency and radio frequency, the phase-locked loop synchronous tracking detection mode and the switch capacitor filter are used to make the instrument have better anti-interference ability;
2. DC / AC conversion technology is used to change DC into AC low frequency constant current for easy measurement;
3. The auxiliary grounding resistance is allowed to change between 0 ~ 1.8KΩ (RC) and 0 ~ 40kΩ (RP), which will not affect the measurement results;
4. This grounding resistance meter does not need manual adjustment of balance, and 3 (1 / 2) LCD display can measure the resistance of low resistance conductor, soil resistivity and AC ground voltage in addition to the ground resistance. If the test loop is not connected, the indicator "1" indicates overflow, which conforms to the conventional measurement habit.
The working principle of ZC-2571 digital grounding resistance tester is that DC / AC converter in the machine changes DC into AC low-frequency constant current. After the auxiliary grounding electrode C and the tested object e form a loop, AC voltage drop is generated on the tested object, and then sent to AC amplifier for amplification by the auxiliary grounding electrode P, and then sent to the meter for display by the over detection. With the help of the multiplier switch, three different limits can be obtained: 0 ~ 2Ω, 0 ~ 20Ω, 0 ~ 200Ω. It is widely used in electric power, post and telecommunications, railway, communication, mining and other departments to measure the grounding resistance of various devices and the conductor resistance value of low resistance; this table can also measure the soil resistivity and ground voltage.
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