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SF6 Gas Analyzer

SF6 Gas Analyzer

Type: ZC-315
    ZC-315 SF6 Gas Analyzer can test SF6 humidity, SF6 decomposition products, SF6 purity, which can finish two items detection in one on-site measurement, saving gas in the equipment.
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Product Features
    1. Color LCD display,real-time show kinds of parameters;
    2. Large information storage;
    3. Built-in rechargeable battery,AC/DC power available;
    4. Automatic zero calibration;
    5. Electronic flow display;
    6. Measurement data print;
    7. Measurement data storage;
    8. Intelligently display electricity quantity;
    9. User-defined reports;
    10. Support data communication;
    11. Support file system;
    12. Self-diagnostic function;
    13. Graphical Menu.
Technical Parameter
SF6 Humidity Measuring range dew point -80~+20℃ (support ppmv, etc.)
Dew point accuracy ±0.5℃ (when the dew point temperature is below 0℃, the sensor output for the frost point)
Repeatability ±0.5℃
Gas flow SF6 adjustment in 0.5~0.9L/min;
SF6 Purity Measuring range 0~100% SF6
Accuracy and repeatability ± 0.5%, nothing to do with the flow
SF6 decomposition products H2S 1~200ppm (standard)
SO2 1~100ppm (standard)
HF 0~10ppm (optional)
Accuracy ±1ppm
Power Supply AC220V
Built in rechargeable battery
Battery performance Charging time 20 hours or more, can be used for 10 hours
Weight 4kg
Size 250mm×100mm×300mm
Working temperature -30℃~+50℃
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