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Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester
Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester

Water-cooled Generator Insulation Tester

Type: ZC-402
    Check the electrical equipment insulation, the insulation resistance measurement is the most simple and fast method, the company surveyed a variety of domestic and foreign water cooled generator insulation resistance tester, design the ZC-402 type water cooled generator insulation tester. Novel the measuring principle, simple operation, high precision machine adopts integrated circuit, vibration resistance, good stability, large output short circuit current, strong anti-interference ability under the environment of the scene, which can meet the requirement of the power plant test. The instrument has the functions of timing, alarm and data storage, which can measure the insulation resistance, absorption ratio, polarization index and so on.
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Product Features
    1. Menu operation is easy for use.
    2. The instrument can realized the automatic measurement of insulation resistance, the absorptance, polarization index and other parameters.
    3. Keep 15 seconds and data for tenth minutes, and automatically time.
    4. The instrument can store 10 sets measurement data. It is convenient to analyze and rechive at any time.
    5. With comprehensive functions, testing, storage, alarm, access and other functions.
    6. Automatically discharge after testing.
    7. Output short circuit current,  strong anti-interference ability.
Technical Parameter
Test range     5MΩ~10000MΩ
Resolution     minimum 0.01M
Accuracy     +(10% R+2words)
Test voltage     2.5kV
Output short circuit current     ≥3mA
Display mode:     dot matrix liquid crystal display
Power supply mode     AC 220V
Ambient temperature     0~40℃
Ambient humidity     <90%RH, no condensation
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