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DC/AC Dielectric Test System (Oil immersed)
DC/AC Dielectric Test System (Oil immersed)

DC/AC Dielectric Test System (Oil immersed)

Type: ZC-501A
    The test also called transformer booster, it is the basic equipment for power station, power supply system and scientific research units. Used for the dielectric strength test of various electrical appliances, electrical equipment, insulation materials in the prescribed voltage , test products insulation level, it is found that the insulation defects sample measure to bear voltage capability.
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Product Features
    1. ZC-501A series oil immersed transformer AC test using single frame core type iron core structure.
    2. The primary winding is wound on the iron core, and the high voltage winding is outside, and the coaxial arrangement reduces the leakage flux and increases the coupling between the windings.
    3. The outer shell of the product is made of the best shape of the octagonal structure with the core; the overall appearance is beautiful and generous.
    4.  Voltage level:10kV~200kV.
    5. Capacity range:3kVA~100kVA.
Technical Parameter
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