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High current generator
High current generator

High current generator

Type: ZC-510
    High current generator is essential equipment used for electrical debugging to generate high current, which be widely used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical plants , scientific research, laboratories and other units. It is a short-term or intermittent work device and characterized by small size, light weight, good performance, easy use and maintenance.
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Product Features
    1. Large current generator as the current source for the test of electrical equipment for thermal stability, dynamic stability test when low-voltage high current power supply, such as air circuit breaker, contactor, relay temperature rise test and tripping.
    2. Single phase high current generator to test the three phase should be carried out separately.
    3. Three phase high current generator is mainly used for three-phase electrical products testing, and also can be used to test single-phase electrical products. The control scheme of three phase and single phase high current generator is the same, but the three-phase current generator output of three-phase current.
    4. The high current generator is composed of three parts: the transformer, the voltage regulator and the control.
Technical Parameter
    1. Using for  releasing;
    2. Checking power supply;
    3. Temperature-rise Test;
    4. Low voltage and high current source for thermal stability and dynamic stability of electrical equipment;
    5. Other parts which require large current;
    6. Large current generator output voltage: generally in the 4-10V, the requirements of the special output by the user;
    7. Output current of high current generator:50-30000A.
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