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Power frequency aging test set
Power frequency aging test set

Power frequency aging test set

Type: ZC-523

      It is used to test the insulation strength of various electrical appliances, electrical components, insulating materials under specified voltage, so as to check the insulation level of the products, find the insulation defects of the tested products, and measure the ability of overvoltage. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing department, electric power operation department, scientific research institutes and universities. At present, Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory and Oriental Electric Machinery Factory are applied in test stations.

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Product Parameters
Input voltage AC 220/380V 50HZ
Rated capacity 50KVA-1000KVA
Output Voltage Output Voltage
Measurement error  < 0.5%

Product Features
    1. Using PLC and industrial computer to control man-machine dialogue, the operation is simple and clear.
    2. The working time is &le; 3000 hours. The system has cumulative time and single pressure aging time.
    3. Automatic control of the whole test process, real-time monitoring of current and voltage and preservation.
    4. High output stability, such as automatic tracking and calibration of voltage fluctuation system.
    5. It has full manual operation function and multiple hardware protection.
    6. The signal adopts photoelectric isolation technology, which is more reliable and safer.
    7. Record the whole process of the test when it is operated automatically.
    8. Infrared security guardrail protection.
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