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Frequency AC Withstand Voltage Equipment
Frequency AC Withstand Voltage Equipment

Frequency AC Withstand Voltage Equipment

Type: ZC-524
    Ultra low frequency insulation withstand voltage test is an alternative method for power frequency withstand voltage test.
    Using 0.1Hz ultra low frequency withstand voltage test replace power-frequency withstand voltage test, not only is equivalent to the same equipment, and greatly reduces the volume and the weight, so the ultra-low frequency withstand voltage device is widely used in large generators, cables, power capacitor test AC voltage withstand test products.
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Product Features
    1. Data of current and voltage are obtained directly through the sampling of high-pressure side and it is true and accurate.
    2. Over-voltage protection: the instrument will shut down to protection within 20 ms when the output voltage is exceeding limiting values of setting.
    3. Over-current protection: design for dual protection of high and low voltage, downtime protection can be accurately set in high-pressure side. Shut down to protection times is within 20 ms when the current of low-voltage sides exceeds reacted current.
    4. High-voltage output protection resistor design in the body boost and it is no need to additional outside resistor.
    5. Closed-loop negative feedback control circuit of high and low voltage.
Technical Parameter
Model no Rated Voltage/current Load Carrying Capacity Power FuseTube Product Structure and Weight
ZC-524-30     30kV/20mA(Peak)     0.1Hz,≤1.1µF     5A     Controller: 4kg
    Booster: 25kg
ZC-524-50     50kV/30mA(Peak)     0.1Hz,≤1.1µF     15A     Controller: 4kg
    Booster: 50kg
ZC-524-90     90kV/30mA(Peak)     0.1Hz,≤0.5µF     20A     Controller: 4kg
    Booster Grade 1(40kV): 25kg
    Booster Grade 2(50kV): 50kg
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