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Handheld Three-phase Meter
Handheld Three-phase Meter

Handheld Three-phase Meter

Type: ZC-601
    ZC-601 hand-held three-phase electricity tester is a low voltage electrical diagnosis can metering is normal, and both intelligent electric can meter calibration and with electrical supervision function, performance to price than high intelligent instrument.
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Product Features
    1.Using high precision A/D (16 bits), the acquisition rate is high and the precision is high;
    2.Using ARM kernel, processing speed, software function is rich greatly improve the test efficiency;
    3.The 3.2 inch color LCD Chinese characters under the sun, clear display;
    4.Automatic or manual calibration of single phase, three-phase three wire, three-phase four wire active and reactive full series of electric energy meter;
    5.Automatic calibration of low-voltage metering device of CT ratio, angle difference, comprehensive error and low pressure metering device;
    6.Real- time measurement of AC voltage, AC current, power, frequency, power factor, phase and other electrical parameters;
    7.Visual display vector diagram, provide common error wiring identification tips;
    8.Using high performance lithium battery power supply, a charge for 8 hours;
    9.Carry out the word error test of electric energy meter at the scene;
    10.Can save 200 sets of measurement data, and can be viewed on the instrument, the shutdown data is not lost;
Technical Parameter
Voltage range     AC 0V~600V
Active voltage, current, power accuracy     0.5 class
Power accuracy     0.2class (5A clamp table), 0.5class (500A clamp table)
Clamp meter range     5A、50A、100A、500A、1000A、1500A、2000A(Can be selected according to user requirements)
Working frequency     45Hz~65Hz
Accuracy of reactive power     0.5 class
Working temperature     -20℃ ~+50℃
Outline dimension     195mm×100mm×40mm
Weight     0.5kg
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