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Clamp Phase Meter
Clamp Phase Meter

Clamp Phase Meter

Type: ZC-610A
    ZC-610A digital dual clamp phase volt ampere meter is designed for the field measurement of voltage, current and phase and the design of a high precision, low price, portable handheld, dual channel input measurement equipment. The table can be easily between the field measurement U-U, I-I and U-I phase discrimination of inductance and capacitance circuit and three-phase voltage phase sequence, detecting the transformer connection group, test secondary circuit and the mother difference protection system, read the phase relationship between the differential protection CT in these two groups, check meter wiring correct and not used.
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Product Features
    1. ingenious structure, easy to operate.
    (a)hand held structure
    (b)you should not disconnect the circuit or change the measurement range under 10mA-10A , 3V-500v.
    (c)use high contrast LCD, character can be 25mm, the screen angle can be 700, to obtain the best visual effects
    (d)the function and layout of the switch are reasonable, rotating can read the measuring voltage ,current and phase.
    2. high resolution
    adopt new type patent current clamp , current resolution up to 0.1mA; voltage resolution up to 0.1V.
    3. Low power consumption
    this product with micro power consumption design and with the function of testing the voltage of battery.
Technical Parameter
Display number     3 1/2
Sampling rate     3 times per second
Power supply     a single 9V stack battery, the power supply current is less than 5mA
Case size     186×86×33
Shell size     140×40×19
Jaw size     Φ7×8
Weight     Body:280g
    Measuring pliers:2×200g
Storage condition     Temperature:-10℃~50℃
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