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HV CT Ratio Tester
HV CT Ratio Tester

HV CT Ratio Tester

Type: ZC-611
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Product Features
    1. Measurement of 35kV and below high voltage current transformer;
    2. The polarity of 35kV and the following high and low voltage current transformer can be measured;
    3. 35KV and the following current transformer can be detected high and low pressure side of the corresponding;
    4. Can measure the current amplitude of 35KV and the following high and low voltage lines;
    5. High capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery, continuous work over 10 hours;
    6. Closed clamp design, opening design accuracy is improved greatly;
    7. Long U shaped jaws, measured the width of up to 55mm, can easily measure the wide aluminum row;
    8. Wireless transmission distance is far, the ability to cross obstacles.
Technical Parameter
Current measurement range
High voltage current transformer 0~600A
Low voltage current transformer 0~6A
Ratio Measure Range 1~5000
High voltage current 0.5%
Low voltage current 0.5%
CT ratio 1%
Measuring the maximum size of the conductor
High pressure clamp meter 55mm×35mm
Low pressure clamp meter Φ8mm
Voltage resistance
High pressure clamp table (iron core - hand between) 38000V/1 minutes
Low voltage clamp table (iron core - hand between) 2000V/1 minutes
Host (plug - shell) 2000V/1 minutes
Weight Mainframe 0.3kg, high pressure clamp table 0.65kg, two clamp table 0.15kg;


Exterior dimension Host:180mm×80mm×35mm
High pressure clamp meter:290mm×90mm×32mm
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