Electric energy meter field calibrator

Electric energy meter field calibrator

Type: ZC-620
ZC-620 electric energy meter field calibrator is a kind of portable equipment specially designed and developed for field calibration of single, three-phase active and reactive induction and electronic electric energy meters as well as other kinds of electrical instruments. The equipment applies high-precision AD sampling technology, the latest digital signal processing technology, color LCD display, and provides a set of convenient and efficient solutions for field calibration of electric energy meters and other electrical instruments.
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Product Features
1. The error of active and reactive energy meters, the error of primary and secondary meters and the estimation of standard deviation are checked at the same time,
2. The voltage, current, power, power factor, phase and frequency can be verified by comparison
3. In four phase limits, 48 kinds of three-phase three wire and 96 kinds of three-phase four wire wiring errors are identified, and the hexagon diagram of arbitrary wiring is displayed;
4. The clamp meter self calibration function can ensure the long-term accuracy stability of clamp type transformer. Each phase self check each other to ensure the long-term accuracy and stability of the instrument;
5. It can measure 2 ~ 51th harmonic of three-phase voltage and current, and store all harmonic data;
6. Measure the electric parameters of each phase on site (U, 1, P, Q, medium, f);
7. Three voltage and three current waveforms can be displayed at the same time:
8. Pt and CT secondary load can be measured;
9. Store all measurement data of 10000 tables, including working parameters, to facilitate post analysis
10. Support u disk to download verification data through U disk and event interface upgrade software;
11. Communication with PC is convenient to interface with original database and management system. It can be equipped with power meter management system software to realize paperless office;
12. 5.7 "(320 * 240) TFT color LCD with brightness, high definition and high resolution;
13. It adopts T9 Chinese character input method commonly used in mobile phones, which is extremely convenient for Chinese character input
14. Wide working power supply AC 85 ~ 480v, and can be powered by internal battery (charging without external charger);
15. The system uses a high-speed and high-precision digital multiplier to measure all parameters of active power, voltage, current, frequency, phase, etc. at the same time, all parameters are corrected by software;
16. The instrument without potentiometer can completely prevent the error change caused by external reasons such as transportation, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system;
17. The system adopts the digital true reactive power measurement technology which is the first in China. It is the first time to improve the accuracy of reactive power to 0.1% in China;
18. Ensure the accuracy of electric energy (0.1% or 0.05%) in the temperature range of - 20 ° C to + 40 ° C;
19. Four quadrant electric energy measurement;
20. It can be equipped with class 0.2 5A pliers (including opening and closing non repeatability error, contact error, external magnetic field interference error, angle difference, etc.);
21. Support small current measurement < 5mA. It is convenient to identify the wiring error when there is no load in the first inspection;
22. It can be equipped with 20a, 100A, 500A and 1000A pliers to directly measure the comprehensive error of low-pressure metering, and cooperate with 5A pliers to directly measure the CT transformation ratio;
23. Voltage automatic shift 30 ~ 480v, current direct input 5A;
24. For each type of wiring, display the hexagon diagram after error identification, which can be used as the hexagon diagram line checking training:
25. Provide error correction function to facilitate error calibration (password required);
26. Data reading function of multi-function watt hour meter:
27. Check the constant of electric energy meter;
28. High precision plastic mold case design, light and beautiful.

Parameter name

main indicators

Voltage range

AC 30 ~ 480V

Current range (double overload)

Terminal input


Clamp meter input

5A, 20A, 100A, 500A, 1000A

Clamp meter input


±0.2% (with clamp table self correction to ensure long-term accuracy)

100A、500A、 1000A


Electric energy pulse constant


FL= 36000P/KWh
FH=3.6x 10000000P/KWh


FL=36000x5 / rated current (P / kWh)
FH = 3.6x 0000000 x 5 / rated current (P / kWh)


45 ~ 55Hz


Phase measurement range

-180 to + 180 degrees

Transformer transformation ratio

± 0.5%

Voltage effect

< ± 0.01%

Frequency effect

< ± 0.01% (45 ~ 55Hz)

Temperature effect

< ± 5ppm/c (typical)

24-hour variation

(grade 0.1) < ±0.02% (grade 0.05) ≤0.01%

Basic error

U.I harmonic measurement

Terminal input

measurement range

2 ~ 51th harmonic

Active electric energy

± 0.1% ± 0.05%

measurement accuracy

± 0.01% (relative to 100% fundamental wave)

Reactive electric energy

± 0.1%

Other technical indexes


± 0.1% ± 0.05%

Power supply

AC 85V ~ 480v (power on test line)

Battery powered

4.2V 6A (continuous operation for 6 hours)


± 0.1% ± 0.05%

power consumption

about 4.5VA


± 0.1% ± 0.05%

ambient temperature

- 20C to + 40 < C (accuracy guaranteed)


± 0.05Hz

relative humidity

40% ~ - 95%, no condensation


± 0.1 degree ± 0.05% degree

preheating time

< 3 minutes


< 1.8kg

overall dimension

249x154x58mm3 (length x Height x depth)

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