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Capacitance & Inductance Tester
Capacitance & Inductance Tester

Capacitance & Inductance Tester

Type: ZC-800A
    Automatic capacitance & inductance tester is specially developed for problems existing in substation field measurement of capacitance value of capacitor, it solved the following problems:
    (1) Field measurement capacitor needs dismantling cables, not only the big workload but also easy to damage the capacitor.
    (2) Low capacitance meter output voltage causes the fault detection rate is low.
The instrument has characteristics of small measured workload, fast and simple, stable performance, high measurement accuracy, high fault detection, etc.
    (3) Reactor inductance measurement.
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Product Features
Technical Parameter
    1. Instrument measurement range and accuracy:
     a. Capacitance measurement
      1) Measurable capacitance range: 0. 1μF ~ 3,300μF
      2) Measurable capacity range: 5 ~ 20,000kvar
      3) Measurement accuracy: ±(1.0% readings +0.02μF)
     4) Resolution: 0.001μF
     b. Current measurement
        Current measurement range: 0~20A
        Measurement accuracy: ±(3.0% readings +0.05A)
        Resolution: 0.01
     c. Inductance measurement
      1) Inductance measurement range:
         small inductance mode  0.1mH~5mH  
         large inductance mode  5 mH~50H
      2) Inductive reactance measurement range: 50mΩ~20KΩ
      3) Measurement accuracy: ±(3.0% readings +0.05mH)
      4) Resolution: 0.01mH
     d. Resistance measurement
      1) Resistance measurement range:
         small resistance mode  50mΩ~1Ω
         large resistance mode  1Ω~20KΩ
      2) Measurement accuracy: ±(3.0% readings +0.05Ω)
      3) Resolution: 0.01 Ω        
    2. Working power supply:
     a. Rated voltage: power frequency  120 V±10%
     b. The rated frequency: 60Hz
     c. The rated output: 2V/20V/500VA
    3. Equipment normal working conditions:
     a. Environmental temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃
     b. Relative humidity: ≤90%
    4. Display and print mode: LCD display with English characters, Panel high speed printer
    5. Shape / weight: 370×260×220 mm / 12 kg
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