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Salt Density Tester
Salt Density Tester

Salt Density Tester

Type: ZC-810
    This product special designed for salt density tests, system built-in insulator equivalence salt density formula, directly reading. Using rotating mouse, easy to operate, with micro-printer, convenient to store and compare test results. LCD display, all parameters and test results directly displayed. Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, convenient for field tests.
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Product Features
    1. Automatic range switching function;
    2. Wide measurement range, salt density measurement range: 0.0001mg/cm2~ 9.9999mg/cm2
    3. Automatic temperature compensation, it can directly display of the standard electrical conductivity and the equivalent of 20℃ (ESDD).
    4. The use of electrical conductivity is greater than 10 s/cm of the cleaning solution, with automatic cleaning solution to remove their own conductivity and the original salt content, reducing the requirements of the cleaning fluid;
    5. The salt density (ESDD) of the non charged measurement is converted to the salt density (ESDD) by means of the charge correction factor;
    6. With storage, printing, data upload and other functions, and can store 400 sets of data;
    7. Built in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, suitable for field use.
Technical Parameter
Measurement range Salt density     0.0001mg/cm2~9.9999mg/cm2 (According to the X-4.5 type insulator)
Measuring temperature     0℃~100℃
Measurement of electrical conductivity     0~200000μs/cm
Intrinsic error Measurement of salt density     resolution 0.0001
Full scale accuracy     ±2%
Measuring temperature     resolution 0.1, precision 0.5℃
Measurement of electrical conductivity     resolution 1 s/cm
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