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Wire-less HV Phasing Tester
Wire-less HV Phasing Tester

Wire-less HV Phasing Tester

Type: ZC-820
    ZC-820 Wireless HV phasing tester, used in power lines, phase tests and phase sequence tests for substations, with functions of phase testing, phase sequence testing, electrical inspection, with strong anti-interference, in line with (EMC) standards, adapt to a variety of electromagnetic interference occasions. High voltage phase signal will be taken out by the collector, discharge directly after treatment.
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Product Features
    1. Use high capacitive non-maintenance lithium battery to supply power, special for field test.
    2. Long transmission distance, up to 200M.
    3. LCD display phase ,waveform, frequency , safe and reliable.
    4. Telescopic insulation bar, easy to use.
    5. Portable receiver with non-skid treatment.
    6. uses advanced technique, small in volume, light in weight.
Technical Parameter
Accuracy of phase difference     error≤5°
Self correcting error     <2°
Frequency accuracy     ±0.1HZ
The measured voltage level of this product is     0.22~220KV
    The transmitter and the receiving host transmit a distance greater than 130 meters, the maximum distance between the two transmitters is about 260 meters;
    The judge (in-phase and out of phase) using a standard phase difference of more than 30 degrees out of phase, the phase difference of <30 degrees for phase;
    The voice prompt, male and female "event" "out of phase" note";
    At the same time, the screen shows the phase difference, frequency, waveform and loss of two lines;
    Host display battery power, half an hour without the operation of automatic shutdown;
    Two transmitters and receivers are built in rechargeable lithium battery;
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