Single Phase Relay Tester
Single Phase Relay Tester

Single Phase Relay Tester

Type: ZCAR-600
    ZCAR-600 Single Phase Relay Tester is newly developed calibration device. The application of the latest AC and DC voltage technology and current power source technology to the equipment makes its circuit design, component selection, panel layout, and the internal structure design to meet the advanced level in china. With many excellences for example perfect functions, excellent Components, clear measuring data, simple operation and so on, the equipment is the first choice for the power relay protection department.
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Product Features
Technical Parameter
    (1) Running Conditions
        Power Supply:AC220V±10%   50Hz
        Work Environment:Temperature: -10℃~40℃   
        Humidity:≤85 %RH
    (2) Output supply
        AC voltage:0~220V/3A
        AC current:0~100A/7.5V
        DC voltage:0~220V/3A
        DC current:0~20A/25V
        Constant voltage output:DC24V DC48V DC110V DC220V
    (3) Performance Specifications
        Ammeter, voltmeter:41/2 potential
        Digital millisecond meter:0 ~ 99.9999s
    (4) Performance Description
        Measuring Relay. A Measuring Relay is provided to measure current and the start value, return value and return coefficient/ drop-off to pick-up ratio of potential relay.
        Time Relay. A Time Relay is provided to measure the start value, return value and operating time.
        Auxiliary Relay. An Auxiliary Relay is provided to measure the start value, return value, holding value and operating time of all kinds of auxiliary relays with starting coil and holding coil.
        Reclosing Relay. Reclosing Relays provide tests to Capacitance in charge time, reclosing time and intermediated elements.
        Differential Relay. Differential Relays provide DC excitation test, braking characteristics test and volt-ampere characteristic test.
        Other Uncommon Relays.
Standard Accessories
No. Name Type Unit Quantity
1     Host     ZCAR-600 set 1
2     Power Cord       pcs 1
3     Test line       set 1
4     Fuse       pcs 4
5     Certificate       copy 1
6     Introduction manual       copy 1