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Resonant Test System For Substation Electrical Equipm
Resonant Test System For Substation Electrical Equipm

Resonant Test System For Substation Electrical Equipm

Type: ZCVF-A
    Transformer, GIS, SF6 switch, CT/PT, insulator, bus bar, cable, bushing, and others capacitive devices are the common primary electric equipments.
    The resonant test system is composed by power control cabinet, excitation transformer, reactor, voltage divider; let silicon rectifier stack and micro ammeter connect with the voltage divider, then can finish the DC voltage withstand test.
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Product Features
    1. Device with over-voltage, over flow, zero start-up and loss of harmonic flashover protection functions such as over voltage and over current protection value can be setted according to user needs, flashover protection action and can remember the flashover voltage value, for experimental analysis.
    2. The whole unit weight is very light, the maximum not more than 40kg, to facilitate the use of the scene.
    3. The device has three modes of operation, which is convenient for users to choose flexibly according to the field condition, and the test speed is improved. Working modes are: automatic mode, manual mode, automatic tuning manual boost mode.
    4. Can store and print data in different places, the data stored in the number is digital, easy to help users to identify and find.
    5. Device automatic sweep frequency starting point can be within the scope of the provisions set arbitrarily, sweep direction can be upward, downward selection, also the large screen liquid crystal display scanning curve, convenient user intuitive understand whether find resonance point.
    6. Using the DSP platform technology, it can be convenient according to the needs of users to add and add changes and upgrades, but also makes the man-machine exchange interface more humane.
    7. The required power supply capacity is greatly reduced. Series resonant inverter is resonant reactor and utilization by capacitance resonance high voltage and large current, in the whole system power only need to provide part of the active power consumption, therefore, the power required for testing only 1/Q of the test capacity.
    8. The weight and volume of the equipment is greatly reduced. Series resonant power supply, not only eliminates the need for a bulky high power adjustable pressure device and ordinary high power frequency testing transformer and resonant excitation power supply is just 1 / Q test capacity, makes the system weight and volume is greatly reduced, generally 1 / 10-1 / 30 of common experiment device.
    9. Improve the output voltage waveform. The resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit, which can improve the waveform distortion of the output voltage, get a good sinusoidal waveform, and effectively prevent the peak value of the harmonic.
    10. To prevent large short-circuit current burn fault point. In series resonant state, when the insulation weakness of the test sample is broken down, the circuit immediately takes off the harmonic and the circuit current drops rapidly to the 1/Q of the normal test current. And by using the parallel resonance or test transformer way to do voltage test, the breakdown current rise several times, both compared to the short circuit current and the breakdown current difference hundreds of times. Therefore, the series resonance can effectively find the insulation weakness, and there is no large short-circuit current burn fault point of the suffering.
Technical Parameter
Rated voltage:     180kV——AC withstand voltage test for 220kV cable;
    540kV——AC withstand voltage test for 220kV system;
    720kV——AC withstand voltage test for 500kV system.
Output voltage waveform distortion rate     <1.0%
Allow continuous working hours     60 minutes of work under rated conditions, in the case of 220kV cable pressure, to meet the continuous work for 60 minutes.
Device self quality factor     Q>50
Quality factor under full load in cable test     Q>30 (related with the load).
Quality factor of main transformer test     Q>30 (related with the load).
GIS, switches and other test full load quality factor     Q>50 (related with the load).
Input power     Frequency regulation range:20Hz~300Hz, Three phase 380V.
System measurement accuracy     1.5%
        The device has the functions of over-voltage, over current, zero starting and so on.
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