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Transformer Ratio Tester

The National Electric Power Department‘s Preventive Test Procedures requires periodic turns ratio or voltage ratio tests, including semi-finished and finished products in the production process, t
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  • Product Parameters
Accuracy0.1%±2 words (below 500)
0.2%±2 words (500~2000)
0.3%±2 words (2000~4000)
0.5% ± 2 words (4000 or more)
Resolutionminimum 0.0001
the output voltage160v/10v (automatic selection)
working powerac220v ± 10%, 50hz
the use of temperature–10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
relative humidity≤ 80%, no condensation

  • Product Features

1.the test range is wide, up to 10,000.

2.the test speed is fast, complete the single phase test in 10 seconds.

3.z-shaped connection transformer test.

4.with blind measurement ratio, group test, tap position test function. power down clock and date display, data storage function (can store 50 sets of test data).

6.high and low voltage reverse connection protection.

7.transformer short circuit, turn-to-turn short circuit protection.

8.thermal printer output function, fast, silent.

9.small size and light weight.

  • Product Picture

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