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Transformer resistance and Transformer ratio loss comprehens

ZC-208 Transformer resistance and Transformer ratio loss comprehensive tester is a new type of equipment with highly integrated functions. It can be used to test the ratio group, DC resistance, no-load loss and load loss of various transformers. Besid
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  • Product Parameters

Transformation ratio measurement

Transformation ratio test range

0.5 ~ 10000

Group test range


Angle difference test range

0 ~ 360

Transformation ratio measurement accuracy

+0.1%(1 ~ 200)

+0.2%(201 ~ 2000)

+0.35% (2001 ~ 4000)

+0.5%(4001 ~ 10000)

Angle difference measurement accuracy


DC resistance measurement

measuring range

0~ 180mΩ(10A)

180mΩ~ 360mΩ(5A)

360mΩ~ 1.8Ω(1A)


4.5Ω~ 9Ω(200mA)


45Ω~ 20kΩ(< 5mA)

Measurement accuracy

+ 0.2% ±2 µΩ


0.1 µΩ

Loss characteristic measurement

Voltage range

10 ~ 650V, measurement error < 0.2%

Current range

0.5 ~ 100A,
measurement error < 0.2%

Frequency range

45Hz ~ 65Hz, measurement error < 0.2%


measurement error < ±0.5% (COSφ> 0.1), ± 1.0% (0.02 < cosφ < 0.1)

  • Product Features
1. It can measure the transformer ratio, group, phase shift angle, DC resistance, and no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit voltage, short circuit (load) loss, etc;
2. It can carry out harmonic test and analyze to the 31st harmonic;
3. Internal integrated multi-functional power supply: under voltage mode, it can output three-phase or single-phase AC voltage with stable amplitude and constant phase for transformation ratio test; under constant current mode, it can provide 7 output current options, and the maximum output current can be 10A for DC resistance test:
4. The transformation ratio test function can be used to test general power transformer, Z-winding transformer, rectifier transformer and Scott, inverse Scott and balance transformer of railway electrical system;
5. Only one connection can automatically complete the three-phase DC resistance test, automatically calculate the three-phase unevenness, and greatly improve the test efficiency. Automatic range switching, allowing a wide range of measurement voltage and current, simple wiring. The test results are automatically corrected. It can automatically carry out a variety of corrections, such as: waveform correction, temperature correction, non-rated voltage correction, non rated current correction, etc., so as to improve the accuracy of test results;
6. 320x240 LCD, Chinese menu and touch key. 40 groups of parameters can be preset, which can be deleted and added at any time as required. It can store 500 groups of experimental results, has the function of power-off storage and browsing, and can transmit data online with computer;
7. The external voltage transformer and current transformer are allowed to conduct extended range measurement, and the tested object with any parameter can be measured.

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