SF6 Gas Leak Detection and Analysis

sf6 gas leak detection equipment

The HZIR-2000A SF6 gas infrared quantitative leak detector adopts infrared sensor and uses infrared double-wave measurement technology to make the measurement result more accurate and better. The instrument is designed to be portable and th
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  • Product Parameters
Measuring range(SF6 0.1ppm~3000ppm(volume ratio)
Accuracy 0.1ppm
Indication mode LCD digital display harmony, optical signal alarm
Response time 3-5 S
Warm-up time 1 minute
Type1 minute 1.5 M
Continuous working hours ≤4 Hours
Supply Voltage AC power supply 220V 50Hz
temperature -40℃--+60℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Weight About 3 kg
Size 250*100*67

  • Product Features
      1.The instrument is designed to be portable and the probe and the main unit are split. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenient carrying, high sensitivity, good stability, fast response, no poisoning of the probe, no toxic gas. The liquid crystal display gas concentration makes the instrument reading more convenient and accurate. When the SF6 leak is detected, the instrument will sound an alarm. As the leak concentration increases, the alarm sound from the instrument will become more and more urgent. When the leak concentration reaches the set value, the instrument will emit a continuous alarm sound.
      2.This equipment is specially designed for the detection of leaks of sulphur hexafluoride equipment and containers in power, railway, electrical appliance manufacturing, chemical, fire-fighting equipment and atomic physics research departments. It can be quickly and accurately qualitatively and quantitatively tested.

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