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Three phase electric energy meter calibration platform

ZC-621B series three-phase electric energy meter calibration platform is developed according to the requirements of national grid smart meter standards and regulations. It is applicable to the verification of three-phase local charge control intellige
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  • Product Parameters

Parameter name

Main index

Accuracy Level

0.03 grade, 0.05 grade

Standard electric energy meter Level

Three phase multifunctional standard energy meter, Accuracy level:0.02grade,0.05grade

Voltage range

3x220V/Y; 3x57.7V/Y; 3x380V/△; 3x100V/△


Adjustment range:0~120%

Adjust degree::0.01% Fullness

Current range

0.005A, 0.25A, 0.05A,0.25A,0.5A,1A,2.5A,5A,10A,20A,50A,100A

Accuracy: 0.02%

Adjustment range: 0~120%

Adjust degree::0.01%

Phase shift Range


Adjust degree:0.01°

Output Accuracy


Adjust degree:0.01Hz

Accuracy of Indicating meter





Distortion of Output wave form



Output stability



Power: <0.02%/3min

Output capacity



Load characteristics

Resistance, sensibility and tolerance (4uF)

Starting current output

1mA (Minimum)

Accuracy: <5%

Starting power: Accuracy<5%

STY10 standard clock

3 x 10-7/S(Accuracy of Internal Time base ),output50KHz, GPS timing instrument (Optional)

Device input power

220VAC, ±10%, 50Hz

Maximum power dissipation:2000VA(24 epitope)




Meter holder

Size: LxWxH mm



Meter holder

Size: LxWxH mm
























  • Product Features
General functions:
1. It can test all kinds of electronic and electromechanical three-phase multi-functional meters, electronic and inductive two-phase meters, three-phase multi rate meters, prepaid meters and ordinary meters. It can verify all kinds of reactive energy meters with various measuring principles (NATURAL reactive power and artificial reactive power), including three-phase four wire real reactive power, three-phase three wire real reactive power, three element 90 artificial reactive power, two element 90 ° artificial reactive power, two element 60 ° artificial reactive power and single-phase watt hour meter, etc;
2. According to the requirements of national verification regulations or electric power industry standards, the full-automatic verification can be carried out for the verification items such as stealth, start-up, basic error, standard deviation, 24-hour variation, etc. It can also be verified by its own scheme and single point verification by its own selection of test points;
3. It can measure the change caused by voltage, frequency, harmonic, reverse phase sequence, voltage imbalance, external magnetic field, etc
4. Automatically identify the color code, so that all the color codes of the tested table stay at the front position. In order to carry out the dive test and start-up test: the waiting time of the start-up test and the waiting time of the dive test can be calculated automatically according to the requirements of the regulations, and whether the start-up and the dive are qualified can be determined;
5. At the same time, it can verify the same specification, three different constants and different grades of meters;
6. Each tested meter is equipped with a special 6-digit display error calculator:
7. The device has a wide range of output and measurement, and can be used to verify various commonly used energy meters. All current and voltage limits are switched automatically (including 100A current). The output power margin is large, which can work stably for a long time under the maximum load;
8. Through the computer automatic monitoring verification process, data rounding, determine the verification conclusion, save the data. You can query, browse and print verification certificates and inspection records;
9. Support bar code input, error curve, user system, error upper and lower limit settings, multiple verification schemes, management authority settings, weekly inspection plan, etc;
10. It can measure voltage, current, power, power factor, phase, frequency and other parameters:
11. It can display the phase diagram and the waveform of in-phase voltage and current in real time;
12. Harmonic effect test can be carried out. The harmonic frequency can be set in the range of 2 ~ 21 times, the load harmonic amplitude can be set in the range of 0 ~ 40%, and the harmonic phase can be set in the range of 0 ~ 360;
13. The distortion of output voltage and current waveform can be measured;
14. The device is equipped with serial port server or service port communication board; each table bit is equipped with 1-2 485 communication ports. Multithreading software technology, parallel communication mode, greatly improving work efficiency;
15. With breakpoint resuming function, it is allowed to suspend the test of a certain epitope, pause and continue the current test:
16. It has the function of word walking test;
17. The device has the soft start and stop functions of voltage and current output, the protection and alarm functions of short circuit at voltage output end and open circuit at current output end, and all-round protection of output power amplifier, with high reliability.
Special functions:
1. Communication test; communication protocol consistency check: data transmission line anti-interference test; carrier communication performance test (only for the platform with carrier communication module);
2. Broadcast timing; daily timing error test;
3. Table internal data validation;
4. Reading and writing equipment number;
5. Demand indication error test; demand period error test;
6. Time interval switching error test;
7. Combined error test:
8. Voltage drop and interruption test;
9. Positive and negative active and reactive power error test;
10. Basic function inspection of electric energy meter (including electric energy metering function, rate and time period function, demand reset function, event recording function, programmer preset function, display function, register inspection, communication interface inspection, etc.);
11. It has charge control function test, supports two types of electricity meters, local charge control and remote charge control. Safety certification test:
12. The trip relay can be tested;
13. It can test the event recording function of the smart meter, including voltage loss, current loss, phase failure, total voltage loss, power failure, programming, zero clearing, switch cover, switch, etc;
14. Consistency test: error variation test; error induced test; load current rise and fall variation test; current overload test (only for direct access meter).

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