Lightning Arrester Insulator Tester

Zinc Oxide Arrester DC Parameter Tester

Product Introduction ZC-711 Zinc Oxide Arrester DC Parameter Testerspecial applies to test gapless arrester MOA bad contact internal defects of power system under 10KV. Measured the leakage current under DC reference voltage (U1Ma) of MOA a
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  • Product Parameters
Measurement range     Voltage 0~30kV
    Current: 0~1000A
 Measurement accuracy     Voltage1%
Ambient temperature     0~+40℃
Relative humidity     25℃ ≤85%
Altitude     <1000M
Supply voltage     220V±10%
Power frequency     50±1HZ

  • Product Features
      1. Full automatic measurement, easy to operate, fast and easy to use;
      2. High precision sampling and processing circuit, advanced Fourier harmonic analysis technology, to ensure that the data is more reliable;
      3. The instrument uses a unique high speed magnetic isolated digital sensor to collect the input voltage and current signal, which ensures the reliability and security of the data.
      4. Has the resistance current fundamental wave peak output, the side phase correction and so on;
      5. Instrument equipped with a calendar clock, micro printer, can store measurement data;
      6. If the alarm lamp does not light, indicating that MOA internal good contact and connection problems, instrument will automatically enter the measurement U1mA and ID, and the test results displayed in the header, and when the light bright, the test is over, removal of test wiring or replace the trial product for next test.

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