Transformer Tester
  • Product Introduction

The Transformer DC Resistance Tester is a mandatory test item for semi-finished products and finished products factory test, installation and handover test, and preventive test of the power department in the transformer manufacture industry. It can be used to effectively detect the defects in poor material selection, loose welding and connection parts, missing strands and broken wires of the transformer coil, as well as the operation hidden dangers. In order to meet the requirements of rapid measurement of transformer DC resistance, a large-scale power transformer DC resistance rapid tester integrated with Three-Phase simultaneous test function, Magnetic Augment Function, and Degauss Function into one body has been developed in our company. The tester has the functions of three-phase simultaneous power-on, independent current and voltage sampling, simultaneous measurement and display of three-phase resistance and three-phase unbalance rate, so as to greatly shorten the test period of transformer DC resistance and solve the problems about long time consumption for DC resistance measurement of each tap winding in power transformers.

  • Product Parameters
Output current
Three-phase test20A+20A; 10A+10A; 5A+5A; 1A+1A; 200mA+200mA; 20mA+20mA
Single-phase test40A, 20A, 10A, 5A, 1A, 200mA, 20mA
Measurement range
Three-phase test20A+20A: 0.5mΩ~0.3Ω
10A+10A: 1mΩ~0.6Ω
5A+5A: 2mΩ~1.2Ω
1A+1A: 10mΩ~6Ω
200mA+200mA: 100mΩ~30Ω
20mA+20mA: 10Ω~200Ω
Single-phase test40A: 0.25mΩ~0.5Ω
20A: 0.5mΩ~1Ω
10A: 1mΩ~2Ω
5A: 2mΩ~4Ω
1A: 10mΩ~20Ω
200mA: 100mΩ~100Ω
20mA: 10Ω~20KΩ
Accuracy±(0.2%+2 digits)
Minimum resolution0.1μΩ
Operating temperature-10~40℃
Ambient humidity≤80%RH, no condensation
Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Tester dimensions428mm* 350mm* 230mm (L*W*H);
Tester mass12.8kg

  • Product Features

1、The tester can select corresponding output current value according to test products, and is mainly suitable for measuring the inductive DC resistance on transformers;

2、On large transformers with a five-leg core and low-voltage windings connected in delta, the tester can be used for the test in HV & LV series excitation mode. The magnetic augment circuit of the windings can be automatically connected in the tester, to quickly and accurately test the DC resistance of the low-voltage windings;

3、The tester has a Three Phases Test function to measure the three-phase DC resistance of the star-connected windings synchronously and calculate the three-phase unbalance rate automatically, so as to greatly reduce the measurement period and improve the test efficiency. Its phase by phase test function can also be used for phase by phase test on transformers with YN and D (Y) connections;

4、The tester has a complete protection circuit and sound discharge alarm, to inform the clear discharge indication and reduce the misoperation;

5、The tester is equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen. to display the test data clearly in real-time;

6、The tester has Chinese and English operation interfaces, which can be configured according to the user requirements;

7、The tester is equipped with a RS232 communication port, to transmit the test data to the background, with the control software in the host computer;

8、The tester is equipped with a USB port, to transfer test data into a U disk;

9、The tester has a built-in calendar and clock, as well as saving( save 100 groups of data), review, and printing functions of test data;

10、The tester has more complete parameter settings, including test windings, Tapping Positions, test phases, Tested Sample Temperature, Conversion Temperature and others of the transformers;

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