Transformer Tester
  • Product Introduction

DC resistance testing for the transformer is an essential item in the ex-factory testing for semi-product or finished product during transformer manufacturing, or in the installation, hand-over and preventive test for power sector. In this way, we can effectively find the manufacturing defects of transformer coils such as material selection, welding, connection parts loose , missing shares, disconnection and the hidden dangers appearing after the transformer operating. To meet the need of quickly measuring transformer DC resistance, we take advantage of our own techniques to develop the ZC-205 Double ChannelTemperature rise DC resistance tester. It adopts new power technology, and the whole machine is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, thus automatically completing self-checking, data processing, display and printing, etc. It is also with functions of automatic discharge and discharge instructions. The instrument of high precision, simple operation, can realize the rapid measurement of transformer dc resistance.

  • Product Parameters
Technical Parameters
Output current20A、10A、5A、2A
Measurement range20A: 100μΩ~2Ω
10A: 200μΩ~4Ω
5A:  1mΩ~8Ω
2A:  2mΩ~200Ω
Measurement accuracy±(0.2%reading+2byte)
Shape size390mm×235mm×245mm
Instrument weight13kg
Use Condition
Ambient temperature-10℃~50℃
Ambient humidity≤85%RH
Operating powerAC220V±10%
Power frequency50/60±1Hz

  • Product Features

1、Big output current, wide measurement range, small size, light  weight, convenient operation;

2、With the features of high test speed, high precision, good retest, strong anti-jamming capability;

3、Temperature rise test, Print the data every 30 seconds, Easy to operate;

4、With perfect protective circuit and strong reliability;

5、With the function of discharge alarm sound, of which the clear discharge indicating can reduce incorrect operations.

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