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Transformer turns ratio tester

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  • Product Introduction

ZC-203G Intelligent Tester of Transformer Ratio and Connection Groups adopts popular ARM processor, 168M frequency, 128M memory available to be extended to 4G memory card. The LCD screen adopts 5-inch high-definition color touch screen, combined with emwin display, making the tester interface simple and user-friendly in full touch screen and non-keyboard operation. The tester supports database and can be exported from the USB drive or through the data cable to the background computer.

  • Product Parameters
Ratio measurement range0.8-20000
Ratio measurement accuracy0.2% (0.8-2000), 0.5% (2000-20000)
Input voltageHV side AC 24V, LV side AC 4V
Working powerAC220V ± 15%
Operating temperature-10 ℃-40 ℃
Environmental humidity10% -85%
Weight2kg (not including test wires)

  • Product Features

1. The tester makes automatic measurement with no need to set any parameters and automatically completes the three-phase ratio and connection group measurements with easy operation. All you need to do is to press a button.

2. The tester measures three-phase and single-phase transformer ratios automatically, and calculates the ratio error.

3. The tester has inner three-phase signal source, which can make measurement of Y / y, Y / d, D / y, D / d, ZN / y, ZN / d, rectifier transformer, traction transformer and all kinds of ratios of transformer connection groups.

4. The tester can measure transformer connection group label and polarity to clearly display the first and second winding connection vector.

5. The tester can track the transformer on-load tap-changer position automatically, and indicate the current tap point automatically.

6. The tester can display a transformer’s first and secondary voltage Oscillograms and phase relationship. It can measure transformer’s first and second harmonic voltages, to facilitate the analysis of transformer failure.

7. Can test CT, PT ratio, polarity test function.

8. The tester has perfect and reliable automatic protection, to ensure the intactness of the tester under abnormal conditions.

9. The tester is small size and light weight. It makes accurate measurement at fast speed (about 3 seconds to complete the test).

10. The tester is available to store and print all the test results. It has Built-in 128M memory (extendable to 4G memory card), available to export the database by USB, or upload to computer. The database supports excel spreadsheet opening, easy for edit or archive.

11. The tester has 5-inch true color touch screen operation, emwinGUI interface and Chinese input, which is easy and convenient. It also has no power-down calendar and clock function. The test time can be stored at any time.

12. The tester support on-site record print by wireless transmission or serial printer.

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