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Transformer Comprehensive Test Bench

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  • Product Introduction

The comprehensive test bench conforms to GB/T4776, GB/T5169, GB/4285-1993 and other relevant national standards. The test bench is mainly used to test the no-load and load characteristics of power transformer and distribution transformer, and also to test the frequency doubling induction and power frequency voltage resistance of the transformer. The measuring part of the device is controlled by high-end single chip microcomputer, digital display, no-load, short circuit and other test data are sampled synchronously by single chip microcomputer, avoiding the error caused by manual calculation in the traditional test method of voltage, ammeter and power meter reading respectively. This set of equipment is suitable for power transformer production and maintenance department for 5000kVA/36-10KV and below capacity of three-phase transformer factory test and conventional test. Simple operation, accurate measurement, reliable operation.

  • Product Parameters
Test item
Dc resistance test
Ratio test
No load & load test
AC voltage test
Induction voltage test
Temperature rise test
Test system composition
Transformer comprehensive performance test bench
High Voltage control cabinet
Capacitance compensation cabinet
Three-phase induction voltage regulator
Three-phase double frequency generator set
AC voltage test transformer
Intermediate booster transformer
Technical parameters
ItemsMeasurement range  relative error
Power factor0.01~1.00±3 words
Power supply AC380V+10% 50HZ+2%
Maximum capacity of transformer under test5000kVA
Power frequency withstand voltage rated output100KV 60HZ
Inductive withstand voltage rated output800V 180HZ

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