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Overload cooling measures for oil immersed transformer

:2022-08-24 14:45:02:

The oil immersed transformer operates under high load. Once the critical temperature is exceeded, the transformer will start the "Self-protection" process and automatically trip. If the transformer is still in operation, it will cause damage and large-scale power failure. Once such an accident occurs, it is difficult to repair in a short time. At this time, the main transformer shall be cooled actively. The main measures are as follows:

1. Load suppression

When the temperature of the transformer in the substation approaches or exceeds the maximum temperature allowed by the operating regulations, and the heat dissipation of the transformer itself is limited, the usual practice is to dump the load, stop industrial users and special users and stop the transformer for cooling.

2. Start the main transformer sprinkler system

The record high power load has brought a great burden to the power supply equipment, and the substation equipment also needs to be cooled. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the main transformer is overloaded and the temperature is too high, the main transformer spray system is opened, and the main transformer is manually flushed with live water to improve the cooling effect of the transformer. Washing live transformer with water is a professional work in power system. The requirement of cleaning the live transformer with water is very high. In addition to requiring operators to have corresponding professional skills, operators shall also wear professional protective articles such as insulating gloves and boots during washing.

3. Transformer ventilation

Strengthening the ventilation of the transformer can achieve the purpose of cooling, so the solid door of the transformer is changed into a mesh door for ventilation to alleviate the overheating caused by poor ventilation. Giant fans can be used to help cool if necessary.

4. Transformer auxiliary cooling car

When the transformer auxiliary cooling truck is used, fill its water tank with water, move it to the working position, and fix the nozzle at the proper position of the transformer through the fixing piece. When the temperature sensor signal value collected by the control device exceeds the set value, start the water pump for a short time. Then, the water pump enters the pressurization bin to compress the air in the pressurization bin, increase the pressure in the pressurization bin, and then open the solenoid valve to spray water. The transformer auxiliary cooling vehicle of the present invention can work automatically only after the worker sets the nozzle and the control device, and does not require the worker to operate for a long time, and can be operated conveniently in the place without water source.


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