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Several common faults of relay protection testers and their solutions

:2023-10-31 10:51:21:

Relay protection testers are important detection equipment in the power system, but some faults may occur during use. The following are several common faults and their solutions for relay protection testers:

1. Power failure

It may be due to poor contact of the power cord, insufficient battery voltage, and other reasons that the device cannot start normally.

The solution includes checking the power cord connection for correctness, replacing the battery, and so on.

2. Operating system malfunction

It may be due to damage to the device's operating system or software errors that prevent the device from running.

The solution includes reinstalling the operating system, upgrading software versions, etc.

3. Abnormal test results

It may be due to incorrect test parameter settings or problems with the test object, resulting in abnormal test results.

The solution includes checking whether the test parameter settings are correct, confirming whether the test object meets the requirements, etc.

4. Communication failure

The communication between the relay protection tester and the tested equipment may malfunction, such as mismatched communication rates, communication interface issues, etc.

The solution includes checking whether the communication parameter settings are correct, replacing the communication interface, etc.

5. Hardware failure

It is possible that the device cannot function properly due to damage to hardware components.

The solution includes replacing damaged hardware components, repairing equipment, etc.

In short, for common faults in relay protection testers, a good solution is to promptly inspect and repair them. During use, attention should also be paid to preventing equipment malfunctions caused by misoperation or improper use.


The ZCAR-702C three-phase relay protection tester comes with a large screen LCD display and a flexible and convenient rotating mouse controller. Single machine independent operation already has strong functions and can perform most experiments, while connecting to a computer for operation has more powerful operating functions. Small size and high accuracy. It not only has the superior performance and advanced functions of large testers, but also has the advantages of small and flexible testers, simple operation, high reliability, and high cost-effectiveness. It is a handy tool for relay protection workers. In addition to verifying various relays (such as current, voltage, inverse time, power direction, impedance, differential, low cycle, synchronization, frequency, DC, intermediate, time, etc.) and microcomputer protection, it can also simulate transient, polarity, and conversion faults from single-phase to three-phase for whole group tests. It can also complete various large-scale and complex verification tasks with high degree of automation, automatically test and scan various protection settings, store test data in real-time, display vector maps, print reports online, and so on.

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