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Advantages of ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator products

:2024-04-03 09:56:09:

Ultra Low Frequency High Voltage Generator is a device specifically designed to generate ultra-low frequency high voltage signals. It is widely used in scientific research, industry, and medical fields, such as experimental research, power equipment testing, and medical imaging.

The ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator mainly consists of a generator part and an amplifier part. In the generator section, the ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator utilizes a time-based circuit or oscillator to generate stable ultra-low frequency signals, which can usually be adjusted in frequency and amplitude to meet the needs of different applications. The amplifier part is responsible for amplifying the low-power signal generated by the generator to the desired high voltage level. The commonly used amplifier types include power amplifiers, transformers, and common mode amplifiers. In addition, the ultra-low frequency high-voltage generator also has a frequency modulation output function, and its output frequency can be adjusted. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the stability and safety of the output signal, the ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator requires a stable power supply and reliable protection mechanism during operation.


The ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator products have significant advantages, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High stability and accuracy: The ultra-low frequency high-voltage generator has excellent stability and high output accuracy, which can continuously output stable high voltage for a long time and maintain accuracy over a wide load range. This provides users with reliable testing conditions to ensure the accuracy of experimental results.

2. High safety: This product fully considers safety issues during the design process and adopts reliable protective measures to avoid the occurrence of accidents. For example, it has multiple protection mechanisms such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and grounding protection to ensure the safety of operators.

3. Easy to operate: The ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator is easy and convenient to operate, equipped with a display screen and indicator lights, allowing operators to easily identify power status, parameter settings, and other information, reducing operational risks. In addition, it adopts digital frequency conversion technology, microcomputer control, and fully automated testing process, further simplifying the operation steps.

4. Meeting a wide range of needs: The ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator can be customized according to actual needs, flexibly configuring output voltage, frequency, current and other parameters to meet the needs of different application scenarios. This enables it to meet the testing needs of various fields such as scientific research experiments, medical institutions, and industrial manufacturing.

5. Good equivalence: Scientific theory and practice have proven that the ultra-low frequency withstand voltage test has good equivalence with the power frequency withstand voltage test. This means that using an ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator for testing can achieve similar or identical results to power frequency tests, but with simpler operation, smaller equipment size, and lighter weight.

6. Less destructive: Compared with DC withstand voltage test, ultra-low frequency withstand voltage test has less destructive effect on insulation. Harmful polarized charges do not enter the dielectric, thereby extending the service life of the equipment.

In summary, ultra-low frequency and high voltage generators have been widely applied and recognized in multiple fields due to their advantages of high stability, high precision, high safety, easy operation, meeting a wide range of needs, good equivalence, and low destructive power.


The ZC-524 B ultra-low frequency and high voltage generator combines modern digital frequency conversion advanced technology and adopts microcomputer control. The boosting, lowering, measurement, and protection are fully automated, and manual intervention can be performed during the automatic boosting process. Due to its full electronic design, it has a small size, light weight, large screen LCD display, clear and intuitive display, and a printer that outputs test reports. The design indicators fully comply with the standards of the power industry and are very convenient to use.


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