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How can a DC resistance tester ensure measurement accuracy?

:2024-04-08 16:40:48:

The accuracy of the DC resistance tester is crucial for ensuring the normal operation and performance evaluation of electrical equipment. The following are several key steps and precautions to ensure the measurement accuracy of a DC resistance tester:

1. Select appropriate testing points:

When conducting measurements, it is advisable to choose areas with a flat surface and no oxidation or corrosion as testing points, avoiding proximity to high-power components in the circuit, in order to reduce external interference with the measurement results.

2. To avoid external interference:

External interference is an important factor affecting measurement accuracy. During the testing process, efforts should be made to stay away from sources of interference such as strong magnetic fields and electric fields to ensure the stability of the measurement results.

In the case of strong electromagnetic interference, it is recommended to use a DC power supply for testing, as the DC power supply has stable values and strong resistance to power frequency interference during testing.

3. Connect the test line correctly:

Before conducting the test, ensure that the test wiring is connected correctly and reliably. Connect the power cord and ground wire reliably to the DC resistance tester, connect the test wire to the input and output terminals corresponding to its color on the DC resistance tester panel, and clamp the test clamp at the end of the test wire to the object being tested to ensure good contact.

4. Choose the appropriate current output gear:

Select the appropriate current output gear based on the expected value of the resistance to be tested. Ensure that the selected gear ensures measurement accuracy without causing excessive current to the resistance.

5. Full discharge:

Due to the high current used in the DC resistance tester, it is necessary to fully discharge the wires after the test is completed, otherwise it may cause a large current surge in the feedback loop and burn out the instrument.

6. Calibration and maintenance:

Regularly calibrate the DC resistance tester to ensure its measurement accuracy meets standard requirements. At the same time, pay attention to daily maintenance of the instrument to maintain its good working condition.

7. Pay attention to data processing:

In the process of data processing, appropriate algorithms and methods should be selected to reduce errors and improve the accuracy of measurement results.

In summary, the key to ensuring the measurement accuracy of the DC resistance tester lies in selecting appropriate test points, avoiding external interference, correctly connecting the test circuit, selecting appropriate current output gears, fully discharging, regular calibration and maintenance, and paying attention to data processing. By following these steps and precautions, it is possible to ensure that the measurement results of the DC resistance tester are both accurate and reliable.


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