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How Series Resonance Equipment Works

:2024-05-09 14:40:32:

The work of series resonance equipment is mainly based on the principle of series resonance. This type of equipment typically consists of a variable frequency power supply, excitation transformer, reactor, and capacitor voltage divider. The working process is as follows:

Firstly, the variable frequency power supply provides adjustable power output. Next, after receiving the power signal, the excitation transformer excites a series resonant circuit. In this circuit, the capacitor and reactor of the test object form a series resonant connection. Then, by adjusting the output frequency of the variable frequency controller, the circuit inductance L and the sample C reach a series resonance state.

When the circuit reaches a resonant state, the resonant voltage is the voltage applied to the specimen. This resonant voltage can be measured by a capacitive voltage divider, which is connected in parallel to the test object and can not only measure voltage but also serve as an overvoltage protection signal. At the same time, the frequency modulation power output is coupled to the series resonant circuit through an excitation transformer, providing the required excitation power for resonance.

In general, series resonant equipment is a device that adjusts the power frequency to achieve resonance between the inductance and capacitance in the circuit, thereby generating high voltage on the test object and achieving AC withstand voltage tests for various high-voltage equipment. This type of equipment is widely used in industries such as power, metallurgy, petroleum, and chemical engineering, and plays an important role in the AC withstand voltage test of high-voltage cross-linked cables, transformers, generators, GIS switches, motors, and other equipment.


ZCVF-A series frequency conversion series resonant AC withstand voltage deviceis suitable for AC withstand voltage test of transformer, circuit breaker, switch, GIS system, cable, bushing, insulator and other equipment. It has the functions of high voltage over-voltage protection, low voltage over-current protection, detuning protection, zero position protection, flashover protection, emergency shutdown, under-voltage protection and so on. It not only meets the requirements of equipment test conditions for high voltage and small current, but also meets the requirements of equipment test conditions for low voltage and large current, and has a wide application range.

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