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Automatic CT/PT test bench

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  • Product Introduction

    The CT/PT test bench can do the simultaneous measurement of multiple transformer V-I characteristic / excitation characteristics, DC resistance and other functions only need connect the wire once time, and have the ability to operate the computer connection, a plurality of mutual inductor test results directly into the computer to form reporting standards, greatly improve the test efficiency and test accuracy.

  • Product Parameters
Working power Input voltage 185Vac~250Vac
Allowable input voltage 85Vac~264Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable frequency 45Hz~65Hz
input power 40VA
AC voltage Range 0~300V
Resolution 0.001V
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001V
Alternating current Range 0~20A
Resolution 0.001V
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001V

  • Product Features
    1. Supporting the test function of the transformer excitation characteristic and DC resistance, and can expand the function according to the need.
    2. Full automatic acquisition, measurement, display, storage, prints all measured parameters (voltage, current, time, etc.).
    3. Output voltage, wide current range, high power, range automatic switching, support for automatic and manual two kinds of measurement mode.
    4. Built-in large capacity memory, storage test data, and the industry standard communication interface (RS232) uploaded to the PC machine and supporting software can realize data download, automatic generation and editing the typical test report, facilitating technical management and archive.
    5. Support 6/12 channel test, once time wire connection can be automatically completed more than one transformer test, greatly increasing the efficiency of testing.
    6. Support to capture the 18 sampling point settings, and can accurately capture the corresponding measuring point.
    7. With a large screen LCD, full Chinese menu interface, the cursor prompts, simple and convenient. Real time display test data with the curve, curve coordinate automatic scaling map reading more clearly.

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