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Integrated Transformer Test Bed

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  • Product Introduction
      This product is mainly used for substation load and no-load transformer characteristic test, and can also be used for dual-frequency inductor and withstand voltage test.
      The measuring parts of this transformer tester are imported from abroad. The digital display, loaded and short-circuit data are all sampled by single card, which avoids the error caused by the voltmeter, ammeter and watt-hour meter reading and using the traditional calculation method.
  • Product Parameters
Tested  transformer capacity: 500kVA-63000kVA Voltage level:6kV,10kV,35kV,110kV,220kV
DC resistance measurement accuracy:0.2% Test current:2A、5A、10A、20A    Measuring range:2mΩ~2kΩ
Ratio measurement accuracy:0.2% Measuring range: 1~1000
No-load current, short circuit impedance measurement accuracy: 0.2% Measurement accuracy of empty load loss:0.2%±0.05D;  Power factor:0.01~1.00
AC output voltage 50kV~100kV~200kV
Induced output voltage 800kV~22kV~70kV

  • Product Features
    1. Semi finished product test for power transformer, finished product ex -factory test, handing over test. Configuration flexibility can increase or decrease the test item.
    2. This transformer tester has functions such as overload alarm, detection reminder, and misuse protection.
    3. The transformer tester has high-voltage precision current, voltage transformer and standard high-voltage switchgear assembly, which is safe and reliable.
    4. Table set up test chain protection, over voltage protection, voltage, current, frequency of the whole monitoring, pressure time.
    5. Can effectively reversed pressure, test transformer, intermediate transformer, intermediate frequency generator, high voltage transformer is the implementation of remote control and monitoring to the operator's safety operation.
    6. The system has fully automatic operation mode and manual operation mode, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the test and the fault location.

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