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Transformer no-load load tester

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  • Product Introduction
      Technical indicators: Product features: l three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, single-phase automatic measuring instrument with automatic switch range function, to ensure that l uses electronic...
      Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, single-phase automatic measurement
      The instrument has automatic switching range function to ensure test accuracy

  • Product Parameters
Current measurement range 100mA ~ 5A, accuracy class 0.2
Voltage Range 10V ~ 650V, accuracy class 0.2
Frequency Range  40 ~ 65Hz, accuracy class 0.2
Power Input AC220V ±10%

  • Product Features
      1. Measure the transformer load current, load loss, short-circuit voltage, short circuit (load) losses.
      2.Harmonic test can be analyzed to 31 harmonics.
      3. Support Three Watt Meter, two table method, two experimental methods.
      4. This transformer tester can do three-phase transformer no-load, load test, the meter can automatically judge whether the wiring is correct, and display three-phase voltage and current vector.
      5. Single machine can do the following 100KVA distribution transformer full load current experiment; in one third of the rated current, complete 250KVA distribution transformer load the following test (in one third of the rated current, the instrument can be converted to load loss under rated current parameters, the machine is mainly used in the test bed with integrated supporting the use of transformers, the load characteristics to achieve high-precision transformer no-load test).
      6.All the related test results are automatically corrected. Instrument can automatically such as: the waveform correction, temperature correction, non-rated voltage correction, calibration, and other non-rated current correction, so that more accurate test results.
      7. 320x240 large screen, high brightness LCD display, full Chinese menu and operations to achieve prompt and friendly man-machine dialogue, touch buttons make the operation more convenient, wide LCD with brightness adjustment, can be adapted to the various summer and winter season.
      8.The instrument can be preset by the user group is the test product parameters, and these parameters can be removed according to need and increase in use is very convenient.
     9.The transformer tester has a real-time clock that automatically records test dates, times, and saves favorable results and management.
    10. Panel-type thermal printer, the scene quickly print test results.
    11.Data (test sample set, the measurement results, the test of time, etc.) with power-down storage and browsing features, you can store 500 set of experimental results with computer on-line data transfer.
     12.Allows an external voltage transformer and current transformer for extended range of measurement, any measurable parameter is the test product.

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